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Why do I feel so much pain inside? Why do I still search for the light?  Why does everyone hate me? Why do they laugh? Why? Why? Can’t they see im in pain? Can’t they see they hurt me? What if I ran away would anyone care? Would anyone cry? Would anyone try to find me? Would anyone worry?  No! No one care no one would cry no one would try to find me no one would worry!! Because in this world im all…. Alone..

Behind this mask is pain.. I can fake a smile so you won’t see me frown.. I can fake a laugh so you won’t see my sorrow.. I can stand in the rain so you won’t see my tears.. And I can stand in a thunderstorm so you won’t hear my screams of pain… but what I can’t do is stand here and tell you I love my life and I never frown because that would be a… lie..



27.3.10 22:23


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